Barn #3 Coming Down on Bethlehem Rd

Here we go again!  This is the 3rd barn we have dismantled on Bethlehem Rd.  Again, we have a 12 bent 7 tier tobacco barn loaded with a bunch of excellent material.  This was the least desirable barn on the property due to condition and type of material, until we actually got the barn on the ground to look closer at the material that was once so high in the air.  This barn did not come down as nicely as #2, but, once on the ground, the salvage went pretty well.  In my next post, I will show off some of the really unique material that was salvaged, but for now, all I can provide is a crazy video of a very difficult barn to wrestle to the ground.  It took 7+ attempts to get the barn to drop, but on the 8th, I found the correct approach.  Overall, this one was a huge rush of adrenaline due to the fact that it appeared to be in poor condition, yet, it was next to impossible to push down.  Notice in this video that I am pushing from the side instead of the ends which is more common.  I attempted to push from the end, to no avail, and ended up working several positions from the sides before I found the weak spot.  Sorry to be long winded, but this barn went against the grain from start to finish.  I hope you enjoy the video as much as we did producing it.

Bethlehem Rd barn #2 coming down for reclaimed wood – YouTube