Do you know your floor’s history? Who walked it a generation ago? Where your mantel or timber frame beams or countertops were originally used and by whom? We believe there is history in every project we undertake, from a home’s Thoroughbred Oak floors, to the hand-hewn beams that support its ceiling.
Antique, or reclaimed, wood is salvaged from buildings that have outlived their intended purpose. We believe that when a building must be removed from its original site it has not outlived its usefulness. In fact, we see it as our responsibility to reuse these materials rather than discarding the wood in a landfill or destroying new growth. On average, we reclaim materials from 50 or more buildings each year, yielding around 200,000 feet of ecologically-responsible material that perpetuates our collective heritage. In this way, we see ourselves as partners with the past.
In the following videos you will see a glimpse of how the numerous reclaimed Kentucky fence boards, rustic barns, mills, warehouses, and other structures we recover will gain new life as your beautifully crafted hardwood flooring, provide stunning support in your traditional timber frame construction, or lend its own history to yours when installed as decorative beams.
Keep in mind, Kentucky is within a 500 mile radius from many cities and may qualify for credits for LEED-certified projects.