French Provencial

​If you have traveled the French countryside, you noticed the small farmhouse cabins.  These structures are reminisc of a time long forgotten.  We recently teamed up with some European Craftsmen who meticulously hand salvage the beautiful wall planks from the walls of these defunct structures.  The planks that come from these 300 year old cabins are typically white oak, that started growing 400-500 years ago.

​The French Provencial is our most exquisite and luxurious flooring collection.  The extremely rare wood salvaged from these farmhouses in Southeastern France and Northern Italy generates the widest widths and longest lengths.  This floor is produced in widths from 7” up to 12” and lengths from 5′ – 12′.  We are able to produce this floor in both solid and engineered, with engineered preferred due to the width of the planks.  There are 3 distinct looks that can be created from the White Oak Wall Boards:



​We produce our Foorworn Floor from the outer weathered skins of the planks.Each plank is wirebrushed to remove any loose wood and debris.The planks are then flap sanded to smooth the surface.Lastly, we hand scrape the edges and ends of each plank to ease the height variation from plank to plank.We leave a wide range of defects including open knots, insect damage, cracks that are recommended to be filled upon installation or prefilled on our engineered floors.


Pit Sawn Original Surface

Our Pit Sawn Original Surface is produced from the inside surfaces of the wall boards. The pit sawn original surface still boasts all of the original patina from 300 years of being inside and displays the craftsmanship of the people who sawed the boards 3 centuries ago. We honor these craftspeople by upcycling this floor retaining all of the character they created. We brush sand each plank in every floor to remove loose material and Hand Scrape the edges and ends of each plank to ease the height variation from plank to plank. We leave a wide range of defects to preserve the length and width of these planks.

Remilled Smooth​

Our remilled French Provencial floor is produced from the middle portion of the wall boards. After removing the weathered outside, and the patina inside faces we are left with the heart of the plank. The cleaner inside faces really show off what a treasure this extremely rare wood is. Here you will find the beautiful golden white oak color, and the tight ancient grain produced from these spectacular trees. We typically mill this floor with square edges and ends to produce a more refined looking floor. Please call/text/email anytime for more information.

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