Industrial Pine

Our Industrial Pine collection is inspired from the Industrial Revolution period buildings.  These grand structures line the east coast from Georgia to New Hampshire.  The buildings were essential to turning raw cotton into textiles to support the growth of population that was booming in this period of America.

We work closely with suppliers on the east coast to procure the highest quality joists from these defunct massive buildings.  The material typically salvaged from these buildings is a mix of softwoods that we sift through to find the most coveted Long Leaf Heart Pine.  Heart Pine was used in these buildings because of its strength and large timbers it could produce.  

Our Industrial Pine flooring collection has nearly limitless design possibilities from rustic to modern and to historical applications.

Original Surface

​Our Original Surface floor is milled from Joists from the afore mentioned industrial buildings. Typically the sizes of the joists are 10 – 12” wide allowing us to produce 8-10” wide planks in very long lengths. This floor is milled leaving all of the original circular saw marks intact. After milling, we brush sand the floor to remove any loose material, and then gently hand scrape the edges and ends. This allows the variations of the height of the surface to be eased. This floor can also be skip-planed to any level to show more of the wood and less of the saw marks. Each floor is milled to your specification.

Character Grade

​Our Character Grade pine flooring is milled from the same joists we use for our other Industrial Pine Collection floors. In this particular floor, we allow the character to stand out as an attribute. This floor will have a tight grain pattern, and will allow for larger sound knots to be present. The Character Grade Industrial Pine is a great choice for a more rustic option.

Historical Perfection

Our remilled Antique Industrial Heart Pine has been used many times over the years for historical renovations. We are happy to work closely with builders/architects/homeowners to produce replica historical floors. Using period materials, and selecting proper grain orientation, we are able to produce Clear Vertical Grain, Clear Flat Sawn, or a mix of the two. We typically mill this floor with square edges and ends to produce a more refined looking floor.

Please call/text/email anytime for more information.

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